RTÉ Radio 1 Taking the Piss

A news item on RTÉ Radio 1’s flagship Five Seven Live news programme threw the studio into chaos when the newsreader told listeners that she had almost said a rude word during the piece – and then went on to tell listeners what the word was!
Traffic chaos caused by a sheep and horse fair in Connemara was the subject of a report by newsreader Frances Shanaghan. Connemara is so remote it is not usually in the news as a result of traffic. So Frances felt she should inform listeners that the item was genuine. She said: “Before you think i’m taking the …”, but realising she was live on air, she stopped herself just before finishing the sentence. However, she then went on to say: “I was going to say ‘taking the piss’ but I won’t.” Main presenter Rachael English collapsed in a fit of giggles and the sports reporter who was on next had trouble delivering his bulletin.