Big Ron is Hooked on Newstalk

‘Big Ron’ Atkinson has signed up as a football pundit on ‘The Right Hook’ for NewsTalk 106. Atkinson is one of English football’s more colourful characters, but it was an unfortunate incident relating to colour that lost him his similar, mega-bucks job with ITV Sport. Atkinson was overheard referring to a Chelsea player as a ‘f**king lazy, thick ni**er’ when he thought his comments were not being broadcast. Unfortunately for him, the mic was still open and the comments were carried live by several tv stations around the world who were relying on ITV for their pictures. Atkinson has since apologised, but was widely condemned for the remarks, and led to him resigning his post at ITV, as well as a columnist job with The Guardian newspaper.
Atkinson will be employed as a stand-in for Eamon Dunphy when the station’s breakfast presenter is not available.