Duffy Listeners Blown Away by Comment

Listeners to RTÉ Radio 1’s Liveline show were stunned yesterday when a hoax caller managed to suggest that minister Martin Cullen’s PR advisor Monica Leech must be ‘sucking his c**k’ to earn the €120,000 a year he’s paying her from government funds.

The caller to the afternoon phone-in show presented by Joe Duffy identified himself as ‘Norman’, a member of the Progressive Democrats.

Debate had been raging on the show with many listeners critical of the amount of money being paid. However, ‘Norman’ took the debate to another level when he first suggested that Leech was not being overpaid at all. Duffy asked him to justify the remarks but wasn’t prepared for the response he got.
‘Norman’ offered the view that maybe she’s been doing other things besides the constituency work. When he became more specific, Duffy instantly stopped the call and went to a commercial break.
Today’s Liveline contained an unreserved apology but it may not prevent a massive libel case against RTÉ.