Duffy Criticises Bono’s Radio Skills

RTÉ’s Joe Duffy has criticised Bono’s performance as guest editor of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme earlier this week. The presenter of Radio 1’s Liveline programme called the U2 lead singer “boring” and “too wrapped up in himself” in his Ireland on Sunday column published today. Duffy feels that Bono made a ‘dog’s dinner’ of producing the programme, which went out just two days after the tsunami disaster which struck South-East Asia last weekend. He claims that Bono allowed his ‘old-pals club’ to spend time offering devotion to Bono and themselves, rather than devoting time to dealing with the disaster which has laid the planet’s population grief-stricken.
Duffy was also critical of an item Bono produced suggesting that the Irish are descended from Arabs rather than the Celts. Considering the events in Asia, Duffy questions whether anyone cares whether Bono is a Celt or an Arab.
At the same time Duffy was full of praise for Pat Kenny, his colleague at Radio 1, for his treatment of the tsunami disaster. He called Kenny’s show “a masterclass of sensitivity and production”.