Face 2 Face Book initiative launched at i105107

i105107 have launched a new on-air initiative in an attempt to bring some optimism on the jobs front to their broadcast region. Called ‘Face 2 Face Book’, the station have invited 300 people who have recently lost their jobs to talk to each other, sharing experiences, networking, swapping contacts, which might in turn lead to employment.

According to i105107 Programme Director Alan Swan: “Everyone it seems uses social network sites, so we’ve decided to put together a day where 300 people can meet ‘face to face’ and network. It’s one room, one place where you can meet likeminded people and talk.”

i105107 will broadcast the ‘Bernard and Keith Breakfast Show’ live from The Ardboyne Hotel in Navan on February 11th. The audience of various professions and trades will not only enjoy a morning networking, they will receive some positive advice from a leading life coach, hear how one entrepreneur got through the last recession.

Alan continues: “We wanted to do something that brings a little bit of optimism to the places we broadcast to, going back to the old way of actually talking to each other face to face and giving people a bit of help, unlike the government who seem content just setting up task forces and not actually taking action”

The station have launched a Face 2 Face Book page at www.i105107.ie/face2facebook