Citybeat enjoy RAJAR increase

In the latest RAJAR listenership figures release Belfast radio station Citybeat, quarter on quarter, is the only commercial station within its coverage area to have increased in both average hours and Market Share.

The figures show Citybeat’s year on year average listening hours have increased by 3.2 to 9.2 giving an additional total listening increase of 383,000 total hours.

Citybeat has also seen significant growth in its market share over the same period with an increase of 3.4% taking it to an overall share of 11.2%.

Citybeat’s Managing Director Dorothy Nixon said: “We would like to thank all our 128,000 weekly listeners who are clearly enjoying our personality led line-up, music variety, great chat and local news. It is evident from the latest figures that our listeners like what they hear and are consequently listening for longer enjoying what Citybeat has to offer.”