i102-104FM Gives Axl the Axe After O2 Concert

i102104, the regional station for the west and north-west, has banned Guns ‘N’ Roses from its airwaves following Wednesday’s shambolic concert by the band at Dublin’s O2 venue. The band’s lead vocalist Axl Rose stormed off the stage after being attacked by missiles thrown from the crowd who were angry that the band arrived on stage late.

i102-104 say that they have been inundated with complaints from their listeners. A press release says: “The station received hundreds of text messages and phone calls from enraged listeners yesterday morning following the show.

Leigh Doyle, i102-104’s Programme Director, said that the station had decided to support the fans by banning Guns ‘N Roses from the station permanently. “We can’t ignore the hundreds of texts and phone calls from irate fans complaining about the gig,” he continued. “Many had asked us never to play Guns ‘N’ Roses again so we’ve listened to them and decided they won’t be played on the i102-104 airwaves.”