Radio in Kerry

The Kerryman – June 30th 1978
Sunday Independent – July 2nd 1978
Irish Independent – July 3rd 1978
The Kerryman – July 7th 1978
The Kerryman – December 8th 1978
The Kerryman – December 22nd 1978
The Kerryman – February 9th 1979
Left and above – The Kerryman
February 16th 1979
Irish Independent – February 28th 1979
The Kerryman – March 2nd 1979
The Kerryman – March 9th 1979
Irish Press – April 12th 1979
The Kerryman – April 13th 1979
The Kerryman – April 13th 1979
The Kerryman – September 21st 1979
The Kerryman – October 5th 1979

Galway Pirates

A report in The Connacht Telegraph reports on pirate activity in Galway, and the planned launch of two new pirates in particular.

April 1982

April 11th 1982

A new studio for the Mayo Gaeltacht was given the green light today on the tenth anniversary of the launch of Raidió na Gaeltachta.

May 1982

May 3rd 1982

Radio City in Dublin goes off air in order to move studio location.

May 7th 1982

Dublin’s Radio City return to air.

May 26th 1982

Radio Nova announce that they plan to launch Breakfast TV within the next three months.

June 1982

June 10th 1982

Capital Dublin appears on test on 98.3MHz.

June 27th 1982

Capital Dublin launches with Tony Allan hosting a programme.

June 28th 1982

RTÉ launch a jamming campaign against Radio Nova from a redundant building in Rathmines.

Timeline: Radio Leinster

Today’s Evening Herald reports on internal problems at Dublin-based pirate Radio Leinster.

 Today's Evening Herald reports on internal problems at Dublin-based pirate Radio Leinster.

Annabel Close Temporarily

Radio Annabel close for scheduled engineering work to make technical adjustments to their FM and AM signals. Their planned return was Monday August 6th at 7am.

WABC testing

Test transmissions appeared in Dublin from a station calling itself WABC. They emanate from the studios of Radio Annabel, which closed down yesterday.

WABC tests cease

WABC tests, on air in Dublin since October 29th, have ceased. The station was set to be a possible revamp of Radio Annabel but when station personnel met yesterday, they contacted management with a view to a relaunch. Management agreed.

Energy 103

Unidentified non-stop music tests re-appeared in Dublin on this day, again on 738kHz but with a slight FM frequency shift to 103.0MHz. After a couple of hours, a presenter ident confirmed that Richard Jackson was on air and a few minutes later he confirmed that this was a new station for Dublin, Energy 103.


A full-page article in the Evening Herald examines the business side of pirate radio.

Evening Herald – May 29th 1986

Evening Herald - It's the pinstripe pirates

July 1989

20th Capital Radio, the first licensed independent station, launched to Dublin on 104.4MHz.

24th Mid West Radio returned to air in Mayo as a licensed service.

September 1989

4th Ireland’s first national licensed commercial station arrived on air at 8am on this day. The station was officially launched by the Minister for Communications and Justice, Ray Burke, and the first voice heard was Terry Wogan, who was also an investor.