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This time around Pat advises that there’s no such thing as bad callers…


There are no bad callers!

The other day my CEO (no less!) said, “Pat, everybody sounds like they know ya!”

Well, I had to tell her, “Most of ’em do, but HERE’S HOW TO MAKE THE OTHERS “SOUND LIKE THEY DO!”

We can all pre-record callers – it’s easy! Time was we had to use tape-decks and even then we could whip ’em on to tape during the News, an ad-break or a nice 4’00 song, then edit the call.

With digi-editing and long songs, it’s even better.

First, when the phones flash, hit Record and simply say to your caller, “Good Morning/Howr’ya (whatever) , [x] FM,” then leave a tiny gap and say, “[YOUR NAME] speaking…”
The caller will then probably say, “Hi! [YOUR NAME!] and you then go on with the call.

You then go back to the recorded call and edit out THE BIT WHERE YOU SAY YOUR NAME!
What you then end up with is: “Good Morning, (x) FM…”

To re-cap, I’ll use my own name and Station: ‘RECORD’ is running.
“Good morning, The Breeze. [GAP] Pat speaking…”
“Howr’ya Pat,”…etc.

Then edit out “Pat Speaking,” and what you’re left with is a punter who allegedly knows your name!…and it sounds great!

So, there’s no such thing as a “Bad Caller.”

Of course, they then ask you for a song your format doesn’t play, so you get them round to mentioning even an ARTIST that you DO play, edit out their title and play something that fits.

You’ve just become your Listener’s Friend!

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