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Pat Courtenay - he's no mug

In these Radiowaves-exclusive articles, legendary presenter Pat Courtenay shares his views, ideas, experience, and tips with our visitors…


Pat Courtenay became well-known to Irish radio listeners in the ’80s and ’90s through starring on major pirate stations such as Sunshine Radio, Energy 103 & Radio Nova. He also appeared on the innovative satellite version of Radio Nova. His sharp wit and unique approach to broadcasting quickly made him a favourite with listeners.

Pat Courtenay in his Sunshine days

Following the overhaul in which Irish radio went legal, he took the Breakfast Show reins at top Dublin station Classic Hits 98FM but ended up departing in controversial circumstances.

Since then, he has appeared on Auckland’s Classic Hits in his native New Zealand and on Hot 100 in Darwin, Australia.

Following the original publication of these articles he returned to Ireland to work on the newly-launched Dublin rock music station Nova 100. He is still there to this day (July 2020)

His first article takes a look at Show-Prep…