Dublin Stations

System FM to be Eclipsed

System FM will be leaving the airwaves this Saturday due to difficulties within the station, according to station manager Ben Murray.

Taking its place will be Eclipse FM, broadcasting from Clontarf using a 150w transmitter.

They claim to have “Dublin’s hottest dance mix” and can be contacted for more information at request@eclipsefm.gq.nu.

They also have a website.

Phantom maintenance

Phantom FM’s planned maintenance work has now commenced meaning there may be disruptions to their signal. The Dublin Indie music station are hoping to be back to a normal schedule by the weekend.

Possible change for K.I.C.

K.I.C. FM’S recent negative publicity may be having an effect. Despite claims of interference, which are clearly unlikely and seem to be sparked by a hidden agenda, K.I.C. FM may relocate their high-powered transmissions to 88.1MHz on the Dublin dial, leaving low-powered transmissions broadcasting on 104.0.

Today, engineering tweaks have seen an improvement in the interference problems emanating from DIT FM on 103.8MHz and K.I.C. FM should now be available again to listeners in the city.

88.1 is warming up

Hot Radio are the latest station to lay claim to the 88.1FM frequency in Dublin according to a radio forum, saying they hope to be broadcasting on this channel by next week.

Xtreme nonsense

Xtreme FM have said that they are not in any way involved with Energy Radio which, according to Ben Murray of System FM, was due to launch last Sunday.

He has claimed that this station would offer nationwide coverage on Medium Wave and that it was to be a co-station project between Xtreme FM and Eclipse FM! With claims like these maybe Ben should think of politics as a career move?

Radiowaves has received no response from emails to Energy Radio or Ben Murray requesting further information.

No Galaxy

Galaxy Dance may not now be coming on air in Dublin due to financial difficulties.

Country music station K.I.C. FM are investigating the possibility of broadcasting on the freed-up 102.9MHz frequency.

New station in Dublin

Reports have reached Radiowaves of a new station calling itself N.S.R. on 105MHz on the southside of Dublin.

Although signal is weak, the proximity of DSCR on 104.9MHz suggest a short life for this station on this frequency.

Mad to launch

Mad FM, currently testing, are planning to launch next week broadcasting on 93.2MHz to Dublin’s city centre.

Musical output will be rap and metal and big improvements are promised.

Space in Dublin

Space FM have announced that they plan to begin broadcasting dance music around the clock to Dublin on May 1st on a frequency to be announced.

Xtreme relaunch

Xtreme FM hope to be relaunching either today or tomorrow on 101.8MHz in Dublin. The acquisition of a new mixer should see a major improvement in their sound quality.

Xtreme ceased

Xtreme FM have had to cease transmissions on 101.8MHz in Dublin because of interference to NEAR FM on 101.6.

Mad investigations

Dublin’s Mad FM are presently investigating interference problems which has delayed their launch plans. They are currently broadcasting to the city centre on a weak stereo carrier on 93.2MHz and are also thinking about a name change.

Extra Hot

Hot Radio, according to messages placed on radio message boards, will be broadcasting on 88.1MHz in Dublin (in addition to 99.4MHz) from 2pm tomorrow.

Pulse Abandon Case

Pulse FM have reluctantly abandoned its case seeking a judicial review into the awarding of the youth licence for Dublin. Pulse FM, who lost out to Spin FM, would have been required to lodge £100,000 as security for costs, which Pulse claimed in a statement is “nothing short of a gagging order”.

“It should be a matter of public concern, in particular in the current climate, that a body, all of whose members are appointed by the politicians of the day, can decide who has a right to broadcast in this country without any obligations to state reasons for its decision,” Pulse FM said.

Golden Sundays

Gold FM, a non-stop 60’s station, will commence broadcasting to Dublin this coming Bank Holiday Monday, Radiowaves can reveal.

In a move mirroring the recent ABC/Beat FM split frequencies, Gold FM will broadcast on 87.6MHz on Sundays with Beat FM – who are currently on reduced power – on air Monday to Saturday.

DLCCR testing

DLCCR (Dún Laoghaire Campus Community Radio) are currently testing on 106.8MHz. They are due to start a temporarily-licensed broadcast on Monday.

ABC back on SW

Overseas listeners to Dublin radio will be glad to learn that ABC 94FM’s shortwave service is due to return soon on 6940kHz.

Lite for Life

Raidió na Life’s looped announcement regarding their permanent move to 106.4MHz has now vacated 102.2MHz where there is presently a test-tone from Lite FM, Dublin’s newly licensed station for the over 35 age group which is due to launch on May 25th at 1.02pm.

Hot 99

Hot Radio has now appeared on 99.1MHz in Dublin, one of the frequencies originally planned for Essential Galaxy’s spin-off Galaxy Dance. Live programming is also due to start anon.

ODTR Mix it up

The Irish Mix received the dreaded call from the ODTR yesterday asking them to cease transmissions. The Dublin station are still on air at present.

Hot Tony

Hot Radio’s 99.1 transmitter was stolen today. Uniquely, the culprit (using the name Tony Quinn) plugged it back in and broadcast messages stating that he’d stolen the transmitter and is broadcasting his own programming – currently strongest in the west of Dublin.

Dream Off

Dream FM, off-air on Friday due to transmitter problems, received a visit from the ODTR requesting them to cease transmissions due to interference on the Dublin Cablelink BBC Radio 4 carrier.

Valleri Plans Return

Radio Valleri, the 1970s Dublin pirate whose first shortwave broadcast was on 6317kHz in October 1973, is planning a return to SW in the near future, Radiowaves is delighted to reveal. This will be a major boost for aging anoraks, overseas Dublin radio listeners and those with shortwave receivers. It will be operated by the original Radio Valleri crew: namely Derek Jones (presently on air on Radio Caroline Dublin every Sunday morning) and Mike Anderson.

Cool for Hot

99.1’s Monday evening fare consisted of continuous dance music with no idents up until 10.15pm when they identified themselves as “Cool FM – Dublin’s newest dance station”. Sign-off was just before 11pm. There is a stronger signal this evening making it possible to tune in across the city.

Hot Transmitter Recovered

In Dublin, the stolen 99.1 transmitter has been recovered. The equipment, which is the property of Glenn Kelly who recently pulled out of ESG and offered the use of the transmitter to Hot Radio, was stolen from Kiltipper Hill on Sunday at 4pm.

Yesterday morning’s broadcasts were traced to Terenure but were switched off just as apprehension was imminent. However a friend of “Tony Quinn” (real name Paul Archer from Blanchardstown) was found with the equipment later that day.

Hot Radio are requesting any information on Paul Archer and can be contacted by email at cbx2000@hotmail.com

E Valleri

Radio Valleri have set up an email address for anybody wishing to write requesting information and details about their planned relaunch. Obviously good luck messages are also welcomed at radiovalleri@yahoo.com

Turn on the Lite

Lite FM is on air from 1.02pm tomorrow. “Turn on the Lite” is the ‘clever’ advertising campaign bombarding Dubliners from buses, bus stops and poster hoardings. If there is a live stream it should be accessible from their website.

The Lite has Been Switched On

The radio gods said “Let there be Lite” and at 1.02pm today Lite FM – Dublin’s newest licensed station – took to the airwaves on 102.2MHz. First voice heard was Scott Williams, who interviewed Tánaiste Mary Harney on dreadful sounding mics. The first song played was John Lennon’s “Imagine” and the first programme on the station promising “all-time favourites” was presented by Liam Quigley.

Hot Back On Air

Hot Radio is now back broadcasting on 99.1MHz in Dublin after the excitement of the past few days. Is Cool FM the shortest living radio station (used in it’s broadest sense) in broadcast history?

New Station Planned From Cavan

A new station is planned from those who bring us ABC 94FM and Beat FM. The new service from Cavan will air on medium wave and shortwave only and is expected around early June.

Gold to Return

Gold FM hope to be back on air very shortly. The Dublin automated station broadcasts non-stop sixties music on Sundays on 87.6MHz.

ESG Back on 99.1

Dublin station ESG FM are presently back broadcasting on the 99.1MHz frequency they vacated two weeks ago which has had Hot Radio and “Cool FM” using for broadcasts in that time.

Kicking Against The K.I.C.

K.I.C. FM now have a website which you can use to send dedications and requests. They are also considering changing their RDS – and their name – back to KICK FM due to confusion amongst listeners who are now spelling out the station name rather than pronouncing it!

Testing, Testing, A B C

The medium wave station planned by ABC/Beat FM is due to start test transmissions this week on 1557kHz medium wave. There is, as of yet, no name for the service which will be independent of its stablemates.

Q Dance

Broadcasting from the west of Dublin city, a dance station calling itself Q102 has been heard in the past week. Frequency is 101.9MHz, which is sitting directly on top of NTL/Cablelink’s relay of Classic FM which should ruffle a few ODTR feathers!

Source: The Anorak Hour (Phantom FM)

1593 Actually

The medium wave station from those behind ABC 94FM and Beat FM will broadcast from Cavan on 1593kHz and not 1557kHz as stated previously.

Power Loss

Dublin station Power FM has been off air today making technical adjustments to their system. They hope to be back on air tonight but there may continue to be temporary loss of transmissions. Work is expected to be finished by Friday.

Okay to Spin

Storm FM’s challenge against the IRTC’s award of the youth licence for Dublin to Spin FM has failed. The court has upheld the decision to award to Spin FM and not accepted the claim that there was bias from the IRTC against Storm FM’s John Reynolds due to allegations that his night club “The Pod” was involved in drug dealing.

There has, as of yet, been no frequency allocated to Spin FM according to a spokesperson for the IRTC.

Power full over weekend

Dublin’s Power FM, who have been broadcasting on reduced power since Wednesday evening, are today in the process of moving a transmitter and hope to be back on full power some time over the weekend.

Mad to Move

Mad Radio will be off air this week as they are moving studios in an attempt to stop interference to local services. They will also be upgrading their transmitter and hope to be back on air next week with slightly increased power which they say will not affect Raidió na Gaeltachta. 

Mix to Move

The Irish Mix are planning on a studio move shortly which may necessitate being off air for a period of time. Station owner Alan Hunter also has a website under construction at shamrockfm.com.

Golden Improvements

In Dublin Beat FM, and weekend station Gold FM, say that work has been carried out to improve their signal on 87.6MHz with further improvements promised over the next month. Gold FM will be on the air every Sunday from this weekend with additional broadcasts on future bank holiday Mondays.

Power Cuts ABC…Gold FM

In Dublin, ABC 94FM and Gold FM were off air for long periods this morning due to a power failure but both returned after 10am.

New aerials have been installed on the Beat/Gold 87.6MHz transmitter which should see a noticeable improvement in signal in the city centre and towards the northside.

There is a new high-powered rig which will be ready to go on air after a few problems have been ironed out. Timescale mentioned is early July.

Meanwhile, ABC 94FM are planning new programming on weeknights and at weekends from mid-July if all goes to plan. Programmes will take the form of special interest shows e.g. country, classical music, rock etc.

C101 Off Air

C101.3 were off air also for most of the day but returned just after 2.30pm. Cause unknown; although there was still a full metered signal present so maybe the problem was that there was no-one there to reboot the pc? Automated stations, eh!

Kiss Off Air

Dublin station Kiss 105.8FM, whose link was causing problems to Jazz FM’s frequency on Friday, were off air all day returning at 8.05pm.

Unidentified Dance

An unidentified broadcast appeared today on 106.9MHz playing dance music with a signal from the westside of Dublin. Broadcasts were also heard on Friday night and on Saturday. Today it came on at approx midday but by 3pm seems to have ceased.

Premier Increasingly Live

Dublin station Premier FM’s live output has had a dramatic increase in hours this week. They were live this afternoon for a couple of hours and this followed a week of live morning broadcasts between 9 and 10am.

ABC ShortWave Belting Out

ABC 94FM’s shortwave transmissions have been heard in Scotland and North England despite only 15 watts of power. In July they hope to increase to full power of 100 watts which should top off what’s looking like an exciting month for the ABC/Beat/Gold stable! No word yet on the planned AM transmissions. If you’ve heard ABC on shortwave, they would welcome your reception reports at feedback@abc94fm.freeservers.com.

Music for MW

The medium wave station planned for 1593kHz by those behind ABC/Beat FM will be music-based – contrary to the circulating rumours that it will be a religious service. ABC are currently awaiting the arrival from the UK of a new aerial for use on both the medium wave and shortwave broadcasts.

Jam to Return to Dublin

Jam FM plan a return to the airwaves this weekend with tests on both 91.0MHz & 97.8MHz. They have been off air due to complaints concerning interference to CKR FM on 97.6MHz despite only using a 20 watt transmitter which they plan to use on a lower site hoping to avoid the same problems. The station will also be running tests on shortwave using the frequency 6490khz and are requesting feedback at studio@jamfm.com.

Caroline Ordered to Cease

Radio Caroline Dublin has ceased transmissions on 102.5MHz. The ODTR rang the station yesterday evening with a request for them to stop broadcasting because of complaints of interference to licensed newcomer Lite FM on 102.2MHz, who threatened to go through the courts to get Caroline off the air.

Dance Loop on 106.9 in Dublin

106.9FM in Dublin is presently home to a continuous loop of background dance music with a voiceover stating that “You are listening to a test transmission on 106.9FM. Stay tuned for more details on Dublin’s newest dance music radio station.”

Postings to message boards state that this station will be calling itself X-Cell 107FM and will launch at 1.07pm on Sunday…mirroring Lite 102FM’s frequency – time coordinated launch of a few weeks ago.

You can listen to the announcement here

Clip thanks to Anto

New Sundays on ABC

ABC 94FM are introducing a new Sunday schedule. These are the details Radiowaves News has to hand:
9am Ballads and Irish (coming soon)
11am Golden Gold Sunday (’60s music – starts tomorrow)
2pm Golden Gold Sunday 2 (’70s and ’80s music – starts tomorrow)
6pm Non-stop hits (’90s and current music – starts tomorrow)
9pm The Classical Hour (coming soon)
10pm Brother Stairs Overcomer Ministry
11pm Love Songs (starts tomorrow)

87.6 Improved

In Dublin, 87.6FM’s vastly improved signal is today home to Gold FM to allow some technical upgrading. Beat FM will return tomorrow and from next week Gold FM will broadcast on Sunday as normal.

Bossa Nova Online

Chris Cary, a man who revolutionised the Irish radio scene, at last has a tribute site on the world wide web. chriscary.com is the brainchild of Sybil Fennell, the voice of Nova news!

Caroline Making Adjustments

Radio Caroline Dublin are hoping to be back on air soon aided by some technical adjustments and the purchase of new equipment which will hopefully cure the problems which led to the request for them to stop broadcasting.

Jam Sags

Jam FM were not testing at the weekend due to unforeseen circumstances. They plan to be on air this weekend on 97.8MHz and 91.0MHz as well as shortwave frequency 6490kHz.
Email for feedback: studio@jamfm.com.

Boredom setting in?

106.9FM in Dublin is once again carrying continuous dance music with no idents and no test transmission announcements. Is there anybody out there not bored by this yet?

Daytime Hits

Hits 106 will be starting live day-time programming over the next few weeks. At present broadcasts are automated until 6pm. Hits 106 can be located on 106.1MHz in Dublin.