Mix 106

Energy’s Mixed frequencies

Energy Mix, a new station which will be playing ’90s music and today’s hits in Galway, will launch within two weeks. The station activated a blank carrier on 106.5MHz early last week, but following a day off the air, found a relay of UCB had taken their place by Thursday.
Speaking to Radiowaves News today, a station spokesman said that they will be back on air this evening using the higher end of the band on a frequency to be confirmed.
“We had a specially-made package of jingles for 106.5MHz so we are understandably disappointed,” he said. “When we realised the UCB relay had turned up on 106.5, our plan was then to start on 106.3FM, but now that Mix 106 are on, we want to wish them the best of luck and hopefully we can work together with the ‘other Mix’ sometime in the future.”

Mix off

Playing chart music, Mix 106 started in Galway on 106.3Mhz last Thursday. However, the station have been off the air today.