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Today got wrecked: my lawyers’ dogs ate the homework [“Your contract was lost in the post.” Yeah, right – Ed.]
Here I am working as a maitre d’ on my friend’s riverboat restaurant…in the late, cicada-sweetened, cut-grass, sun-showered, cool-sanded summer…with my Too-Cool crew and magic-hungry foreign guests laughing up the Surprise everybody gets when they come to New Zealand…and I’m suing the Lovely People who gave me so much time to listen to Radiowaves.
So while the barristers read slooooooowly to justify their enormous feeeeeeee$$, John Fleming and Richard Phelps [You have yet to meet the astonishing Richard – Ed.] not only help me to set up my website, but put me in touch with my history.
I just listened to Bob Gallico’s collection of Spycatcher episodes. F*@%’n funny. There’s a bunch of Starsick episodes too; I’ve got most of them myself. John was also good enough to put some of my recent NZ/Oz stuff on and I have to say, I listened and laughed.

I’ve also been listening tonight (as 20-degree rain falls) to fellow Scorpion Greg Gaughran way back in 1984. Dude, you might’ve done a few weird things in your time but you’ve always been a beautiful minimalist jock that everyone could know. You and I have had phenomenal conversations, often about anything-but-Radio.
See, when people like Gaughran and I talk Radio, it’s at a level above tertiary!
Listen to Greg on the ’84 aircheck on Radiowaves, then listen to him now: his skill was always solid believability and closeness.
What he and I did with The Boss’s missus…

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