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This week he reacts to a thread on our message boards about influence…


Last week, Tony H. gave me cause for genuine pride when he wrote that my work (on 98fm) had a positive influence on his own Broadcast work.

If any one of us has had that influence on someone, that’s a win.

That leads me to a note to established Broadcasters: When someone admires your work and you’re lucky enough to hear about it, encourage! Don’t let ’em down! If you get the chance, maybe even help them to find a style that suits their own personality.

….which leads me to a note to Up ‘n’ Comers: don’t copy!

“Adapt,” by all means; emulate work principles and methods, but always search for that way to make it your own, and if that means admitting that you’re never going to sound the same as your Radio hero, good!

Remember, there’s already one out there and once a clone, always a clone.

I read the thread about Steve Wright/Gareth O’Callaghan, and, thanks to my knowledge of the fundamental principle of Defamation Law – “The Truth is No Defence” – I refrained from entering any discussion concerning Gareth. However, I might say that when I first heard Wright using sound-effects in ’85, I thought I was listening to an English copy of the 60s/70s San Francisco jock, Dr. Don Rose. In the mid-80s it didn’t matter: only those of us in the Business would have that kind of historic knowledge, but in 2002, your real-time audience can possibly hear the person you’re copying, on the ‘Net.

So don’t.

Besides….ain’t it embarrassing when you get caught out???

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