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Is it safe? Can we say anything? Who’s listening that might get upset? Could what I just said get people dead?
Did you see those cartoons that Mohammed (who’s been dead a while now) is supposed to be pretty pissed-off about? I didn’t even get the jokes. Gary Larson’s way funnier and in fact, way more insulting. (Are you fat and stupid-looking?) Besides, it all still comes back to the discussion concerning the actual existence of these holy or divine entities – why are they so incapable of direct retaliation to insult that they need humans to do it for them? Wouldn’t get my vote. If you’re supposed to be better than me you can smite the critics yourself, pal!

There’s an episode of South Park that was blocked in Australia but just recently showed here in New Zealand: basically it features a statue of the Virgin Mary bleeding from her backside onto various people. Those who get bled on are cured of their illnesses…except The German Pope who just gets bled on. Mind you, the cartoon German Pope has stated that, “Chicks bleed out of their ass all the time. It’s not a miracle.” Catholics were outraged, according to the obsessed, fanatical, smug, cold spokeswoman for New Zealand Catholics…even before the South Park episode was shown. The Church called on New Zealand Catholics to boycott the episode so that the advertisers wouldn’t reap any benefits.
Excellent publicity for South Park and the TV channel. Betcha loads of Catholics watched too.
There was zero impact on TV3’s revenue. Their viewing figures were up though.
Wouldn’t you love to see CNN and Sky News viewing/advertising figures for 9/11?

So I see this genuine newspaper article: in Iran you can now get a University degree in suicide bombing.
Is there a lack of experienced tutors?
Have you passed or failed if you survive to your Finals?
Is it safe? Can we say anything? Who’s listening that might get upset? Could what I just said get people dead?

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