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Late last year I went for a job in Cairns, a beautiful little town in Tropical North Queensland. I’ve lived there before: it’s a real lifestyle choice. The gig was Breakfast on an up-tempo edgy pop-station, if that makes sense.

I’ve just e-mailed the following letter to the PD.

The letter explains itself and everything in it is true.

The Message? Take no shite from anyone, and keep your tongue in your cheek!

Read on:

“C/- 31 Woodstock Road,
Forrest Hill,
North Shore,
New Zealand.

To: Wade Kingsley,
dmg Regional Radio,
P.O. Box 900,
Hyde Park,
Australia 4812

23rd February, 2003.

Dear Wade,
Thanks again for your letter of 30th October last year, in reply to my application for the Breakfast gig. In that letter you let me know that the position had been filled and that you’d “like to hang on to (my) tape for any positions that may come up in the future.” Good to know. I should send you a CD copy, actually. I’ll do that shortly.

You also said that you were going on holiday for a couple of weeks, back then in October 2002, and that when you got back you’d be “happy to give (me) some feedback/advice.”

Well, I don’t know if you got my e-mail several months ago (and I’m sure that pressures of work have intervened) asking if I could take advantage of that kind offer, but I’m about to sign yet another six-figure contract and I was just wondering if your offer of “feedback/advice” was still open.

Please feel free to contact me on the e-mail address that you still have with the tape that you’re keeping “for any positions that may come up in the future.”

Thanks again, Wade and may I use your words and wish you “best of luck in the future!”


Pat Courtenay – Broadcaster.”

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