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Live Chaos

Live 95FM, Limerick’s licensed service, caused chaos in the city yesterday when it gave away a prize of £10,000 in a competition they called “Four Play”. The prize was awarded for catching a particular four songs in a row and callers jammed all the telephone exchanges in an effort to win a choice of a trip around the world, a new car, a pot-bellied pig or the cash.

Comment: With CKR FM running a similar competition for it’s upcoming 11th birthday celebrations it’s not a bad time to point out that Radio Nova were first in Ireland with this idea too – nearly 20 years ago!

Lightning Live

Limerick’s Live 95FM were suffering transmission problems as a result of thunder and lightning this morning. The station was silenced in the middle of their midday news bulletin and remained off for about ten minutes.

Hot Limerick Latest

Hot FM – on 105.8MHz in Limerick – will now launch on Monday, June 4th and not today as stated previously. The station’s RDS changed yesterday to ‘HOT105FM’ and they were broadcasting in mono. Today they had no RDS but were broadcasting in stereo.

New Station in Limerick

A new station playing Country & Irish music has appeared on 106.4MHz in Limerick. The signal, occupying a frequency that was previously used by Estuary before their move to 107.7FM, is relatively weak.

Report: Liam Byrne

RLO Static

Radio Limerick One’s 104.2MHz and 105.2MHz transmitters were both relaying static last evening.

Report: Liam Byrne