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Xtreme relaunch

Xtreme FM hope to be relaunching either today or tomorrow on 101.8MHz in Dublin. The acquisition of a new mixer should see a major improvement in their sound quality.

Space in Dublin

Space FM have announced that they plan to begin broadcasting dance music around the clock to Dublin on May 1st on a frequency to be announced.

Mad to launch

Mad FM, currently testing, are planning to launch next week broadcasting on 93.2MHz to Dublin’s city centre.

Musical output will be rap and metal and big improvements are promised.

New station in Dublin

Reports have reached Radiowaves of a new station calling itself N.S.R. on 105MHz on the southside of Dublin.

Although signal is weak, the proximity of DSCR on 104.9MHz suggest a short life for this station on this frequency.

No Galaxy

Galaxy Dance may not now be coming on air in Dublin due to financial difficulties.

Country music station K.I.C. FM are investigating the possibility of broadcasting on the freed-up 102.9MHz frequency.

2FM site relaunch

2FM’S relaunch was allegedly pre-empted by a hacked attack on their site which has now also been relaunched. A new fresh sound (it says here) but has anybody else noticed the similarity between 2FM’s new jingle package and that of BBC Radio 1’s?

Xtreme nonsense

Xtreme FM have said that they are not in any way involved with Energy Radio which, according to Ben Murray of System FM, was due to launch last Sunday.

He has claimed that this station would offer nationwide coverage on Medium Wave and that it was to be a co-station project between Xtreme FM and Eclipse FM! With claims like these maybe Ben should think of politics as a career move?

Radiowaves has received no response from emails to Energy Radio or Ben Murray requesting further information.

88.1 is warming up

Hot Radio are the latest station to lay claim to the 88.1FM frequency in Dublin according to a radio forum, saying they hope to be broadcasting on this channel by next week.

2FM (non) shuffle

2FM’s much-hyped reshuffle starts on Monday and – hey – they’ve got a new logo! That’s about it really.

The ‘new’ schedule looks like this: 6am Ruth Scott….7am Damien McCaul….9am Gerry Ryan (big change!)…12 Larry Gogan, whose shirts are annoying even on radio! Hasn’t Larry been in this time-slot broadcasting to the dinosaurs? Yep, it’s major reshuffle time at 2FM…2pm new time (sic) for Gareth O’Callaghan…hope he settles in!…5pm Tony Fenton (“On the Radio” it says here – thanks for clearing that up guys)…7pm Dusty Rhodes….9pm Dave Fanning…11pm Uaneen Fitzsimons…2am World Web Radio……it’s going to take us an age to get used to these changes!

Possible change for K.I.C.

K.I.C. FM’S recent negative publicity may be having an effect. Despite claims of interference, which are clearly unlikely and seem to be sparked by a hidden agenda, K.I.C. FM may relocate their high-powered transmissions to 88.1MHz on the Dublin dial, leaving low-powered transmissions broadcasting on 104.0.

Today, engineering tweaks have seen an improvement in the interference problems emanating from DIT FM on 103.8MHz and K.I.C. FM should now be available again to listeners in the city.

Phantom maintenance

Phantom FM’s planned maintenance work has now commenced meaning there may be disruptions to their signal. The Dublin Indie music station are hoping to be back to a normal schedule by the weekend.

System FM to be Eclipsed

System FM will be leaving the airwaves this Saturday due to difficulties within the station, according to station manager Ben Murray.

Taking its place will be Eclipse FM, broadcasting from Clontarf using a 150w transmitter.

They claim to have “Dublin’s hottest dance mix” and can be contacted for more information at

They also have a website.

September 1989

4th Ireland’s first national licensed commercial station arrived on air at 8am on this day. The station was officially launched by the Minister for Communications and Justice, Ray Burke, and the first voice heard was Terry Wogan, who was also an investor.

July 1989

20th Capital Radio, the first licensed independent station, launched to Dublin on 104.4MHz.

24th Mid West Radio returned to air in Mayo as a licensed service.

WABC tests cease

WABC tests, on air in Dublin since October 29th, have ceased. The station was set to be a possible revamp of Radio Annabel but when station personnel met yesterday, they contacted management with a view to a relaunch. Management agreed.

WABC testing

Test transmissions appeared in Dublin from a station calling itself WABC. They emanate from the studios of Radio Annabel, which closed down yesterday.