The Pirate Closedowns of 1988 – Court Challenge

Pirate radio 1988 closedowns
December 30th Pirate radio 1988 closedowns

Cooke’s Court Challenge

As most of the stations were winding down, Radio Dublin boss Eamon Cooke was in court winding up the authorities, and it made the front pages of many newspapers on this day.

Cooke was seeking an injunction to prevent the new Broadcasting Act from becoming law, claiming that the Act was against freedom of expression and was also an infringement on his right to work.

Plus, in allowing the equally illegal TV deflector systems a reprieve it begged the question why they deserved special treatment.

The case offered a glimmer of hope to those within the radio world that there might be a last minute reprieve and they would be able to continue broadcasting, for now anyway.

Some eagerly awaited the outcome of the case, unsure whether they needed to close after all.

With so much going on within the radio world, it’s perhaps no surprise that mixed messages were coming from the courtroom as the day progressed.

Cork Examiner – top right
Irish Independent – middle left
Irish Press – bottom right

Next, it’s a busy day of station closures, starting in Carlow

The Pirate Closedowns of 1988 -

December 30th
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December 30th
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The Pirate Closedowns of 1988 -

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