The Pirate Closedowns of 1988 – December 20th

The 1988 Pirate Radio Closedowns in Ireland
The Pirate Closedowns of 1988 - December 20th

It’s halfway through the month and the stations are gearing up for one last festive swansong before the deadline drops on them.
This, however, is the curious tale of a Dublin station…

Liberty 104

The Liberties, Dublin Listen on Radio Retro December 20th, 20:00

Liberty 104 was based in the heart of Dublin’s Liberties area in Dublin 8.

At one point the station had many of Dublin’s top presenters on their schedule. However, it’s fair to say that the station was best known because of the owner – one Sammy Prendergast.

Sammy was responsible for helping set up a fair proportion of local stations, it was no surprise he eventually set up his own, based above his shop in Weaver Square.

It launched as Liberties Local Community Radio in April 1986 and had a chequered history.

Liberty 104 - a Dublin pirate radio station
Prendergast's shop in Weaver Sq

Another name change seen them using the name Gold FM up until the end of November but they reverted back to Liberty 104.

They were orignally scheduled to close on December 30th but they ended up closing down unexpectedly at 8pm on the evening of December 20th. The shutdown was unannounced.

Theresa Fagan’s final show with the station, which was broadcast on December 18th, can be heard in our Radio Retro section here.

Unfortunately, we do not have a copy of the station’s closedown. If you can help complete this history please get in touch.

If you can add anything to this story, or have a recording to donate, you can contribute via a dedicated thread here.

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