The Pirate Closedowns of 1988 – December 30th Afternoon Closedowns

The 1988 Pirate Radio Closedowns in Ireland
Pirate radio closedowns for December 30th 1988
3pm December 30th

Often overlooked in radio terms, Carlow had two stations – run by members of the same family – as we entered the final weekend


Carlow Local Radio

Castle Hill, Co Carlow Listen on Radio Retro December 30th, 15:15

Broadcasting on 99FM and 1231kHz AM, Carlow Local Radio (CLR) opted to close earlier than most.

The night before the closedown they had held a closedown party in the town which was located in the Seven Oaks Hotel. Five local acts played to 200 people and the atmosphere was good-natured rather than depressing.

Broadcasting on 99FM and 231kHz AM, Carlow Local Radio (CLR) opted to close earlier than most.

It fell to station owner Eric Griffin to say goodbye to listeners and close down the station.

This is the final 15 minutes from 3pm…

We have Prince Terry (via DX Archive) to thank for this recording

Following the closedown, CLR planned to keep all their equipment in place so that they could make a quick return to the airwaves.

4pm, pirate radio closedowns

To listen to the next station to close we head up to the other end of the country to north Donegal

WABC Radio

Greencastle, Co Donegal

In the north-west, Donegal was about to lose WABC. The station’s scheduled close time was 4pm. They had initially indicated that they’d be staying on beyond the deadline but obviously decided against it.

WABC Radio

Although WABC Radio was one of the younger stations – only on air since September 1987 – they had made huge inroads in the north-west thanks to the expertise of station owner Paul Bentley.

They had no intention of applying for one of the original licences. The 20% requirement was too much for a station which boasted playing “the most music”.
Fourteen people lost their jobs when the station ceased broadcasting.

This is the station’s final hour of broadcast from 3pm.
There is a longer 95-minute recording available in our Radio Retro section which you can listen to by tapping here

WABC left a loop tape running following their closedown.

If you have any comments on WABC’s closedown, or any information to add, you can contribute here

Next, we take a look at the newspapers hitting the stands on this Friday evening…

The Pirate Closedowns of 1988 -

December 30th
Cooke’s Court Challenge

December 30th
Evening Newspapers

The Pirate Closedowns of 1988 -

In memoriam:
ABC Radio;
Carlow Local Radio;
Liberty 104;
Radio Snowflake;
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