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Broadcast from Carlow

Originally scheduled to close in the afternoon, Carlow Community Radio twice extended their deadline due to a phenomenal response to a fundraiser in aid of the Ballyragget Fire Disaster.
£400 was collected in one two hour period, with the station eventually closing at 7.10pm.

Unfortunately we do not have a copy of the station’s closedown. If you can help complete this history please get in touch.


Broadcast from Monaghan || Scheduled close 7pm

Hometown Radio was ran by Jimmy Toal, who was also responsible for setting up Big M.
Hometown Radio ceased transmissions at 7pm.

Unfortunately we do not have a copy of the station’s closedown. If you can help complete this history please get in touch.


Broadcast from Ballycannon, Co Kilkenny || Scheduled close 7pm

Kilkenny Community Radio’s final moments as broadcast leading up to their scheduled closedown time of 7pm.

Courtesy of Kevin Branigan


Broadcast from Harcourt St, Dublin City || Scheduled close 8pm

On air for just over two years when the axe fell, Class Radio – formerly KLAS – was a somewhat unique listen. Broadcasting an easy listening mix of mainly classical music it proved, perhaps surprisingly, quite popular with Dubliners.
We join John May on air at 6pm for their final show, with just two hours to go to shutdown.


Broadcast from Belturbet in Co Cavan || Scheduled close 8pm

Erneside Radio was a country music station from the border county of Cavan which had been on the air for four years.
Scheduled to close at 8pm our recording off 98.7MHz starts at just after 7pm.


And so the deadline is almost upon us. There’s very few stations still on the air in the nation’s capital and most of the rest of Ireland’s stations have fallen silent.

As the country’s citizens prepare to indulge in New Year celebrations, tomorrow’s hangovers, and Tuesday’s return to work, will ram home the lack of choice facing a nation who had become accustomed to so much choice.

On page 8 of this Closedowns Special
we follow the few stations still remaining on the air…but, before that, a mention for a Cork station.


Broadcast from Mallow, Co Cork

NCCR’s closedown night finished prematurely when Pat O’Connor, a former presenter and station shareholder who was in the studio for an interview, died suddenly during an advertisement break.
The 45 year old was nationally-known as he had presented his own show on RTÉ TV after he moved on from NCCR. He had been reminiscing on air with presenter Jimmy Reidy when the tragedy happened.
The death led the station to announce that it was closing earlier than planned due to unforeseen circumstances.