The Raids of 1983 Part 11

Part 11: The Day of the March


The day of the march had arrived. Organised by Radio Dublin in conjunction with other radio stations on the day Sunshine Radio was raided, the demonstration was due to start at 2pm at the GPO on the city’s main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street.

Although the stations that had returned to the airwaves were promoting it heavily it would be interesting to see if the public’s spontaneous reaction of last week would convert to a deliberate and considered reaction today.

Many schools had decided to give their pupils a half-day so that they could attend. Some had even moved exam times.

Declan Meehan and Bob Gallico, who were no doubt enjoying the celebrity status of being the two most famous radio presenters in Ireland thanks to the exposure of the last nine days, discussed the protest on their breakfast show on Radio Nova…

Declan & Bob discuss the march

Friday’s morning newspapers, including a selection of the provincial papers that are dated May 27th (they may have been on the stands before this date).

Irish Independent

Radio Nova case adjourned - Irish Independent May 27th 1983

Provincial Papers

The Cork Examiner - 1983 pirate radio raids
Connaught Tribune - pirate 1983 raids
Drogheda Independent 1983 Radio Nova raid
Tipperary Community Radio - 1983 pirate radio raids
Westmeath Independent - pirate raids

Back on Nova, Herbert Street’s wittiest, John Clarke, describes how Nova jocks have dressed for the march…

Sunshine Radio sticker
Loads of these stickers were handed out on the day of the March

Thanks to an incredible turnout, considering it was a Friday afternoon, for the second time in eight days Dublin city centre was brought to a standstill by people showing support for free radio.

Having met at 2pm at the GPO the protestors started off down O’Connell Street towards O’Connell Bridge…

1983 Raids march
1983 raids march

There were floats from a number of stations. This is ABC Radio’s float. ABC Radio were one of the very few Dublin stations to remain on air.

ABC Radio on the protest march May 27th 1983

The march as it crossed O’Connell Bridge

May 27th 1983 pirate radio march
May 27th 1983 pirate radio march in Dublin

The crowd continued on their way to Leinster House where the signatures collected over the past week were handed over.

All photos on this page by kind courtesy of DX Archive

Sybil Fennell looks at this evening’s newspapers…

Pirates protest
Pirates protest
Pirate radio protest march - May 1983

And a look at Saturday’s newspapers…

Irish Times

Pirate radio fans march in protest
Another pirate to seek order

Irish Independent

1983 radio protest

Irish Press

Sunshine allowed to keep radio aerial

Daily Mirror

Daily Mirror - 1983 pirate raids