The Raids of 1983 Part 7

Part 7: Anorak Sunday


On a typically dreary late May Sunday morning in Dublin, four people stepped off the ferry boat that had just arrived from Liverpool. Although none of them were wearing yellow, they were fanatical anoraks living in England but with a huge interest in the Irish free radio scene.

Barrie and Ruth Johnstone ran a group by the name of Anoraks UK and their newsletter grew out of the raids period to become the go-to source for news of the Irish scene for years to follow.

Gary Hogg had already been over to Ireland twice in the past couple of years to tour stations across the country. He is one of a triumvirate responsible for the DX Archive website, the go-to website for information and material on the 70s and 80s Irish pirate scene. As an aside, he also gave tonnes of help and encouragement to a budding young(ish!) Irish anorak in the early days of Radiowaves.FM by sending over a ton of recordings and materials on cassette and cd, some of which have been used extensively in this special.

They were accompanied by John Lewis, who himself had spent some time working on Irish stations.

Radio Nova was beaming out with Scott Williams on air when the four knocked at what by now was the best-known door in Ireland at 19 Herbert Street. Unlike the knock which had disturbed the Nova and Kiss teams on Wednesday morning, this one was welcomed by Scott who introduced the group on air.

Scott Williams and friends

Listen to a full-length recording via DX Archive

Meanwhile, the Sunday newspapers were on the newsstands

Sunday Tribune

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Sunday Tribune

Sunday Tribune Raids on Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio
Sunday Tribune Raids on Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio
Sunday Tribune Raids on Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio

Sunday Independent

Sunday Independent - Pirates get twin blows

Sunday Press

Sunday Press May 22nd 1983 - Radio Nova is back
Sunday Press raids on Radio Nova and Kiss FM

Sunday World

Sunday World - raids on Nova and Sunshine
Sunday World Singled out


Our anorak friends also paid a visit to the home of Robbie Dale during which Barrie conducted the following interview…


Westside Radio had turned back on for the afternoon so that they could explain the situation to their listeners and say goodbye before switching off.


Over on Radio Dublin, √Čamonn Cooke mentioned that Westside Radio were still on air at the start of his much-extended ‘Captain’s News’ but by the time Cooke had finished his marathon session, Westside had gone off the air.

During the programme, Cooke said he would build a brick wall around his transmitter, with someone inside to fix it if it broke down!

He had also appealed to station owners that had closed down to donate their equipment to keep Radio Dublin on the air and that he planned to put Channel 2 back on with the help of presenters from stations which had ceased.

Blocking the gate at Radio Dublin’s studio were 4 cars and an ambulance. One of the cars had no wheels. Nothing and nobody was getting in or out!


As mentioned on the Scott Williams segment earlier, a collection of anoraks and radio personnel had gathered in Dalkey’s Queens Hotel.
Barrie Johnson of Anoraks UK recorded the following interviews with various Radio Nova and Kiss personnel.

Mike Moran

Peter Madison

Bob Gallico, Declan Meehan & Tom Hardy

Jason Maine


Whilst the Anorak convention was in full swing in Dalkey, Radio Nova were ‘playing all over Dublin’ (now) and John Clarke was on air with the very popular ‘Nova Gold’ programme.

John Clarke – Nova Gold (airchecked)

A full copy of this airchecked sample can be downloaded at DX Archive

Apart from reduced power, a new deliberate policy according to a chastened-sounding and seemingly-humbled Chris Cary in a newspaper interview, programming was carrying on as usual, albeit with no news service.


Apart from Radio Nova and Radio Dublin, the following stations were confirmed on the air in Dublin:-
Concord Community Radio (Listen to a recording from this day at DX Archive)
Sandymount Community Radio (Listen to a recording from this day at DX Archive)
Southside Radio (South County Radio)
Westside Radio (switched off)