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ABC Power 104FM

ABC Power Visited by ODTR

ABC Power 104FM – who are based in Waterford – received a visit today from the ODTR following their raid on Quayside 105. The dj on air shut off the power and kept the door locked when the two men from the ODTR arrived. The presenter then rang for help – standard station procedure for ABC. A stand-off ensued and the two ODTR representatives were refused entry to the premises. After receiving a phone-call they left.

Comment: Best wishes to all at ABC in Waterford.

ABC Power Plan Return

ABC Power 104FM plan to return to the airwaves at the weekend after they have reinstalled their transmitters and done some tests. ABC broadcast to the South-East of the country on 104.1MHz.

Comment: Best of luck!

ABC More Power

ABC Power’s 104.5 transmitter returned to air today. This follows the return of the main 104.1 transmissions on Saturday afternoon. ABC Power 104 are based in Waterford.