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Smile FM July 16th 1988

This is a recording of Smile FM, the Dublin station based in Ballyfermot. Joe Curry is on air on a Saturday evening, July 16th 1988.
Unfortunately there is some loudness distortion on the recording but it is enjoyable nonetheless.

Smile FM December 4th 1988

The Anorak Show from Dublin pirate Smile FM from December 4th 1988. Rob Davis, Graham Turner and Eamonn Eliott broadcast the latest industry news and various clips.
The 94.3MHz recording of the local Ballyfermot station starts at 4pm.

Smile FM December 30th 1988

Off 94.2MHz from the west Dublin area of Dublin, this is Smile FM’s final moments on air in December 1988.

They decided to close at midnight on the 30th to comply with a new broadcast bill.

CBC Radio December 31st 1988

Tipperary’s CBC Radio ceased broadcasting at midnight on December 31st 1988 in order to comply with new legislation introducing huge fines and the threat of imprisonment for anybody still broadcasting from January 31st.

This is their final hour.

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This recording is by kind courtesy of Jonathan Ryan

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