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SUNSHINE RADIO September 28th 1980

Sunshine Radio on test two weeks after an act of sabotage brought their mast crashing to the ground before the station could get off the ground.

In the first clip, Tony Allan is on air for a test broadcast on September 28th…

Tony Allan testing for Sunshine Radio – September 28th 1980

…and in the second clip, Robbie Dale is first on air from 4.55pm and he’s followed by Chris Cary.

SUNSHINE RADIO September 29th 1980

More test broadcasts from Sunshine Radio. This time Chris Cary is on air on the morning of September 29th in this recording starting at 7.14.

Sunshine Radio

First Peter Madison, and then Chris Cary on air for Sunshine 539 on November 10th 1980. This recording starts at 1.15pm.

Sunshine Radio

This time around it’s Chris Cary on air for Sunshine 539. From 1980, this November 22nd recording starts at 9.40am.

SUNSHINE RADIO (June 18th 1982)

Sunshine Radio - Declan Meehan

This is Declan Meehan’s final show for Sunshine Radio from June 18th 1982. We join the broadcast, which was recorded off 531kHz, at 4.45pm.

Tom Hardy follows Declan from 6pm, here’s a few minutes of his show.

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SUNSHINE RADIO May 19th 1983

This is the morning the Sun went out over Portmarnock. The day after a raid against Radio Nova Sunshine Radio decided to continue broadcasting.

First, from 7.43, this is David Lyons on Breakfast.

David hands over to Robbie Dale from 9am

SUNSHINE RADIO (June 12th 1983)

From 1983, this is a recording of Sunshine Radio’s return to the airwaves. The Dublin station had remained off the air following the raid on them on May 19th but they finally returned on June 12th.

The first recording starts at 11.45am with the build-up to the station’s return, and then David Lyons is on from midday…


From 3pm Eugene Higgins celebrates the return…

This Radio Retro recording is presented by kind courtesy of DX Archive

The story of the 1983 raids on Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio

Sunshine Radio Station Page

Sunshine Radio

A recording of Robbie Dale on his morning show on Dublin superpirate Sunshine Radio from April 9th 1984

Sunshine Radio

A full morning’s recording from April 26th 1984 – an eventful day in the history of Sunshine Radio.

Following weeks of an RTÉ jamming campaign on the station’s FM frequencies, the day before this broadcast a jammer was turned on to the MW frequency. It didn’t last long as the semi-state broadcaster managed to jam their own stations as well.

However, this was a whole new day…which starts at 6.50am with David Lyons at the mic.

From 9am Robbie Dale oversees some dramatic developments.

With the situation now very desperate Andy Rua takes to the air at midday.

SUNSHINE 101FM July 15th 1988

This is Sunshine 101 FM from their Hot Hits period in July 1988.

Dave Johnson:
“The music programming was spot on. A few of these tunes weren’t in the UK Top 40 so they were true imports. Am sure I was listening that day! “

SUNSHINE 101FM July 17th 1988

This is Bee Bop Gold with Nails Mahoney on Sunshine 101 FM from 9.05am on the morning of July 17th 1988.

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Sunshine Radio

‘The Final Show’ from Dublin pirate Sunshine Radio in December 1988.

Starting at 3pm, this recording is off 101.0MHz FM and includes a detailed history of the station leading up to the scheduled 6pm closure.

SUNSHINE RADIO September 24th 1985

This is a short recording of Sunshine Radio with Paul Vincent from the early hours of September 24th 1985.

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