A view of the main on-air studio.

Another view of Studio 1

Another view of Studio 1

Clodagh Lynam and Ian Garland in the main on-air studio

Hugh O' Brien 'rocks the bay' during October 2005.

Ian Garland at work in Studio 2

Enda Caldwell in the On-air studio

Ian Garland at the controls in the main on-air studio.

The main equipment rack, located in Studio 1

Garv Rigby on-air on Sunday 13/11/05.

Ryan O' Neill and Eamon Carr outside the studio.

Rob G and Lisa Jolie in Studio 1

Paul Byrne oustide the studios.

Paul Byrne at work in Studio 2.

Ian Garland and Paul Byrne at work in the office.

Another view of Studio 1

Anna O' Flanagah prepares some good news in the newsroom.

Another view of the main on-air studio.
Another view of the main on-air studio.
Bernie Jameson on-air on Saturday 12/11/05

Bill McLoughlin live on-air on 06/11/05

Chis Young 'braces for impact' on 13/11/05.

Denise Cregan and Paul Hannon in the Newsroom.

Our jazz man, Des Fitzgerald lines them up on 13/11/05

Eamon Torsney about to read his news bulletin from Studio 1.

EMT 948 turntable, used for playing some of those rare "gems"!

Station engineer in the main on-air studio. Strange, inexplicable blurring around the facial area!

A random shot from Studio 1.

Joe Harrington at the controls during October 2005.

Eamon Torsney at the News Desk

John Power prepares for his Sunday show in the office.

Lise Jolie prepares for 'Retro Romance' outside the studio.

Paul Hannon looking shifty outside the studio area.

Paul Hannon and Kevin Branigan pose for the camera.

Paul Ormond mans the decks on a Saturday evening.

Another view of Paul Ormond in Studio 1.

Sorcha Furlong charms the punters in the office.

Sorcha Furlong records the Entertainment Guide in Studio 2

Stephen Foley conducting IT maintenance (He's not an anorak at all, by the way!)

Steven Davitt co-presents the Top 100 with Garv Rigby.

Another view of Studio 1 from the studio door.

Steven Davitt, Chris Young and Paul Byrne in the On-air studio two days before launch.

Avril Keogh and Garv Rigby on air

Chris Young on air with Alison. (Behind every great man etc...!)

David Dennehy behind the desk during news training sessions.
The news team meet to prepare for broadcasts the week before launch (no office desks yet!)

John Power on air in Studio 1

Phantom FM's Pete Reed makes a guest appearance - Sept 05

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