This is is a totally independent site about Irish radio, past and present.
It started life in December 1999 as a tribute site to the pirate stations of the ’70s and ’80s – a wonderful, and unique, era in radio unmatched anywhere else in the world at any time. We carried recordings of these long-gone stations offering visitors to the site another chance to hear their favourite stations of the past in all their glory.

In those early days there was a small section for current industry news and bandscans from the present day. These regularly updated sections quickly took off, proving extremely popular with visitors.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and Radiowaves.FM was taken off the air in the early-mid ’10s. Many circumstances led to this but now the site is back, particularly as an archive resource of the former site. All our old news archives and other features are in the process of being added here, plus an extended Radio Retro section which will be updated on a daily basis.

As an independent site Radiowaves.FM is unique in that it does not have a policy regarding the status of any radio station, for us radio is radio and our aim is (was) to reflect the radio industry as it happened and developed in Ireland.

Over the years the site vastly expanded over time and became a one-stop shop for information on radio, whether historical or contemporary.

Pick a section from the information on the sides and browse away.

Please enjoy your time on our site and don’t forget to drop us a line with updates or feedback.

On the right, some of the many faces of Radiowaves throughout the years.

If you have any old cassettes, digitised recordings, or radio recordings on a Mixcloud/Soundcloud account that we can add here, please get in touch – or use wetransfer to the same address.