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Capitol Radio February 3rd 1979

From Saturday, February 3rd 1979 this is Ed McDowell on Capitol Radio, the Dublin pirate station broadcasting on 226metres. We join Ed at 2.50pm with Chris Barry due to take over from 3pm.

Al Russell gave us a little more background for this recording:-
At the beginning of the clip Ed is giving details on a horse race and refers to ‘Mr Maguire’s track record’ – an aside referring to the name of a Department of Posts & Telegraphs inspector who raided the station with other enforcement officials.
The instrumental version of Jeff Wayne’s Thunder Child was used as the nightly introduction to Capitol’s specialist music segment Night Flight after 9pm, featuring New Wave / Rock / Jazz / Traditional Music & Rockabilly programmes.

Bonus recording

Rocky on the left and George on the right

This Capitol Radio bonus is from an unknown date in July 1978 and features Stompin’ George, who’s weekly Rockabillly Hour went out every Tuesday evening at 11pm.
On this programme, George is in conversation with Ferdia McAnna – Rocky of Rocky DeValera & The Gravediggers – who selects his favourite tracks.
The recording was made at the station using a studio cassette deck. 
Capitol Radio operated a daytime album-orientated format and the Rockabilly Hour was part of a nightly specialist themed segment called “Night Flight”. Traditional, Folk, C&W, New Wave, Punk Rock & Jazz Music were all catered for.

The main recording is by kind courtesy of DX Archive
The bonus recording was made and sourced by George Verschoyle (Stompin’ George) and was passed on to us with huge thanks to Al Russell

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