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Big L July 9th 1981

This is a recording of Limerick’s Big L and Mike Richardson’s Breakfast Show from 7.20am on July 9th 1981.

As you’re listening you are invited to visit the Big L Station Page and if you can add to the history (factually or anecdotally) or if there’s anything else you can contribute such as photos or recordings, please get in touch.

This Radio Retro recording is by kind courtesy of Michael Richardson

Radio Nova July 19th 1981

This is Mike Edgar on air on a Sunday afternoon for Radio Nova on July 19th 1981 from 1.45pm. Terry Riley reads the News.
The recording is part-airchecked.

Radio Retro: archiving Irish radio recordings in collaboration with Gary Hogg / DX Archive

Radio Caroline Cork July 19th 1981

From July 19th 1981 this is a recording of Radio Caroline Cork, the long-running unlicensed station.

This sample was recorded off 98.8MHz FM and it starts just as John O’Mahony is finishing up his show before Paul Curtis takes over at 2pm.

Radio Caroline Cork station page

With thanks to Ken Baird / DX Archive
Radio Retro: archiving Irish Radio broadcasts since 2002

Radio Nova July 30th 1981

This is an early recording of Radio Nova, Dublin’s best-known station. Mike Edgar is on air on July 30th 1981 from 3.30pm with Peter Madison reading the news.

Radio Retro: archiving Irish radio recordings in collaboration with DX Archive

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