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Radio Nova May 3rd 1984

This is a recording of Greg Gaughran on Radio Nova from May 3rd 1984 starting at 5.13pm.

This is a recording of Greg Gaughran on Radio Nova from May 3rd 1984 starting at 5.13pm.

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This recording is by kind courtesy of Richie Wild
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Radio Nova May 7th 1984

From May 7th 1984 this is programming from Dublin station Radio Nova recorded off 88.2MHz. The four recordings span much of the day from early morning through late evening.

First, from 7am, Bob Gallico is reading the news leading into his shared programme with Declan Meehan.

Following them Colm Hayes is on air from 9am.

Later in the day we catch the last hour and 10 minutes of Greg Gaughran’s afternoon programme.

Then from 7pm the ever-popular Jason Maine takes over for the evening broadcast.

These Radio Nova recordings are courtesy of Gary Hogg

These recordings were made at a time when RTÉ were engaged in a jamming campaign against the Dublin superpirates Radio Nova and Sunshine Radio. Nova’s studios had been relocated to the transmitter site at Nova Park in Rathfarnham because the microwave links from the previous studio location at Herbert Street were being targetted. To make things more difficult for RTÉ, Radio Nova were also broadcasting on 102.7MHz (in addition to 88.2MHz) and had two MW transmitters in action as well on 729kHz and 819kHz. Nova sister station Kiss FM had been broadcasting on 102.7MHz but it had been closed in January as a result of the jamming.

Exidy 738 May 23rd 1984

This is a one-off experimental broadcast from the Radio Nova stable under the name Exidy 738. Tony Allan is the presenter from 10.28am.

On May 23rd 1984 Radio Nova split their medium wave frequencies, keeping Radio Nova on 819kHz. The 738kHz transmitter had been introduced a few weeks earlier because of an RTÉ jamming campaign against the station and on this particular morning, different music could be heard on the frequency. It eventually went live with Tony from just after 10am.



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