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ABC Radio August 18th 1986

From August 18th 1986 this is a recording of Roddie Cleere on ABC Radio in Waterford.

Roddie Cleere


This is edition 31 of Kieran Murray’s Free Radio Show on the SW station Radio Rainbow International from August 24th 1986 based in Louth.
This week’s featured station is Athlone Local Radio and the jingle package is from Downtown Radio in Northern Ireland

This recording is courtesy of Kieran Murray

Sunshine Radio August 26th 1986

This recording of the Dublin superpirate Sunshine Radio is from August 26th 1986
This particular day saw the culmination of a long-running listener competition with a live broadcast from Tomangos.

There’s a short clip from Tony Dixon’s show as he hands over to Pat Courtenay, who warms up the listening audience before handing over to Robbie Dale/Robinson and Mark Byrne for the presentation from the nightclub.

Once the winner is announced the outside broadcast comes to an end and they hand back to Steve Kelly in the studio.


Recording is thanks to Gary Hogg at DX Archive

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Energy 103 August 31st 1986

This is a recording of Mike Kingston playing love songs in the twilight hours on Dublin’s Energy 103. We join him at 3am on August 31st 1986.

You can listen to the recording as it was broadcast here

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