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Energy 103 June 4th 1986

This is a recording of the Dublin station Energy 103 from June 4th 1986. It starts at 7.13am and features John O’Hara and Gary Hamill on air with Early Energy.

Unfortunately, this recording has two large segments missing from the programme but that does not affect the enjoyment of a great sample from the early stage of the station.

Energy 103 Station Page

Energy 103 June 7th 1986

This is a late night recording of the Dublin station Energy 103 from June 7th 1986.

It starts at 11.45pm and feature Gary Hamill on air with Pure Energy.

This Energy 103 recording is a Radio Retro original

Energy 103 Station Page

RADIO WEST June 22nd 1986

This is an edition of Radio West’s Anorak Show from Sunday, June 22nd 1986 which features a long phone-call from Heady Eddie and the rest of the week’s anorak news and gossip.

Radio West station page

This Radio West recording is with thanks to Joe Rossa

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