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Energy 103 July 31st 1987

This is a recording of Energy 103’s Breakfast Club with Pat Courtenay, Bob Gallico and Lisa Moore from 7.34am on July 31st 1987.


This recording is by very kind courtesy of Jess Codd

Radio Retro: archiving Irish radio broadcasts since 2002

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Horizon Radio July 10th 1987

This is a recording of Mike Richardson on his last mid-morning show for Horizon Radio in Kerry.
It is dated July 10th 1987 and starts at 9.48am.

As you’re listening you are invited to visit the Horizon Radio station page and if you can add to the history (factually or anecdotally) or if there’s anything else you can contribute such as photos or recordings, please get in touch.

This Radio Retro recording is by kind courtesy of Michael Richardson

Hits 94 July 23rd 1987

Hits 954 from Limerick

From July 23rd 1987 this is Limerick pop music pirate Hits 954.
In the first recording, Dave Shearer is on the air from 8.40am and Kevin Nelson reads the 9am News.
And from later that day, starting at just after midday, Mark Warner is the afternoon presenter.

Hits 954 station page

This recording is courtesy of Ian Biggar

Radio Retro: archiving Irish radio broadcasts since 2002

Signal 102 July 26th 1987

From July 26th 1987 this is Signal 102, broadcasting from Athlone in Co Westmeath. Paul McKenna (pictured) is on the air from midday. He follows Liam Lennon.

Radio Retro: archiving Irish radio broadcasts since 2002
This recording is from Chris Ridley’s collection
Image courtesy of Barry Flynn

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