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Radio Limerick One July 9th 1999

From July 9th 1999, this is Enda Caldwell on Radio Limerick One. The recording starts at 11.13am and has some edits but this shouldn’t affect your enjoyment.
Enda was covering for Ger Bradshaw on this Friday morning. The £3,000 Hottest Hits of Summer Giveaway took place the following evening.

Enda, who was the station’s Head of Commercial Production and Imaging, speaks very fondly of both his time at RLO and of Limerick itself.

Enda on RLO:- “I spent about 12 months working there, December 1998 – December 1999. There was very much a Nova feel working with Ger Madden. He was employing around 53 or so of us and I made some great friends there. The station was a breeding ground for talent. It was a unique blend of everything: from Gerry Hannan to the late Dr John Moloney. On paper it looked a mess but we had the audience and had great personality. It was real local radio.”

Enda on Limerick:- “Limerick was a city with a real homely feel. It felt very studenty in one way but like a large village or town.”

Enda on Ger Madden:- “Ger is highly intelligent; eccentric; a genius really in the vein of a Ronan O’Rahilly, occasionally Caryesque too in sackings!!! I think I got fired and rehired a couple of times in my year there! He gave you your head to innovate and he is also a wise judge of character. He cared about his staff, paid us well.”

Enda on Limerick natives:- “Easy knowing Terry Wogan was a Limerick man…they have that lilt and humour and love that wit. People remember you there ”

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This recording is with thanks to Gary Camblin and Enda Caldwell

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