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Jazz FM December 2nd 2000

From December 2nd 2000 this is a recording of Jazz FM, the Dublin pirate station, off 89.8MHz which starts at 10.55pm.

It’s difficult to believe now but 20 years ago Dublin FM listeners could tune to a station like Jazz FM at any time of the day or night.
An increase in licensed services has led to a decrease in choice for listeners who like to stray from the mainstream.

Jazz FM Station Page

Phantom FM December 3rd 2000

Dublin indie pirate Phantom FM off 91.6MHz from December 3rd 2000.

The recording starts at 9.05pm and first on air is ‘Mark’ making his Phantom debut and he’s followed by The Two Pete’s Talk Rubbish.

The Anorak Hour #260

This is edition number 260 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast on December 10th 2000.

Cabra’s Choice FM December 21st 2000

This is a recording of Cabra’s Choice FM, the Dublin hobbyist pirate, from December 2000. Jem Rodney is the ‘presenter’.

As broadcast

Alternatively you can listen with the music stripped out

Phantom FM December 25th 2000

This is Steve Conway live on a Christmas morning on Phantom FM, the alt-rock Dublin-based pirate station.

This is Steve Conway recorded live on a Christmas morning on Phantom FM, the alt-rock Dublin-based pirate station.
Steve in the Phantom FM studio

Recorded on December 25th 2000, this was the first time the station experimented with live programming on the big day at a time when even the big licensed stations were running pre-records.

Steve recalls that first show: “This is the first-ever time that pirate Phantom had a live show on Christmas day. When I offered to do it, they said I could if I wanted to, but that it would be very quiet. It turned out quite the opposite – tons of people were listening, and I was quickly deluged with requests by text and phone.
Sinister Pete was so impressed listening to the show that he decided to come in after me and do a live afternoon show too!

“One other feature of the recording is hilarious to me now – my accent. I was not long back in the country after 16 years living in the UK, and I sounded very English.

“Also, during the time I had been away from Ireland, there had been a big change in children’s names. In my era girls were Mary, or Gráinne, Orla or Deirdre. There were no Aoifes – a name you will hear me mispronounce spectacularly on more than one occasion, along with other more modern Irish names.
Which, of course, just made me sound even more English!”

From 8.58am

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