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Rhythm FM April 8th 2001

Dublin dance music pirate Rhythm FM off 103.5MHz from April 8th 2001. This recording starts at 5.40pm.

WXTC April 8th 2001

Late night programming from online station WXTC during a stint on 91.6MHz FM in Dublin. This recording from the programme Icon versus Mecon starts at 11.30pm on April 8th 2001.

Energy 94FM

This recording, off 94.1MHz, starts at nearly midday. Rob G is on air with a new show on April 9th 2001.

At this time Energy 94FM were also available on 93.8MHz.

Energy 94FM

This recording from April 11th 2001 is off 94.1MHz and starts at 4.30pm.

At this time Energy 94FM were also available on 93.8MHz.

KLUB FM April 14th 2001

From April 14th 2001 this is a recording of the dance music pirate station Klub FM from Cork starting at 8.25pm.

Klub FM station page

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WXTC April 22nd 2001

Take a trip back in time to take a trip back in time with Derek Jones on WXTC. His show is Old Gold Retold and this recording of the Dublin station starts at 10.20am off 91.6MHz.

Note: WXTC used to relay BBC Radio 5 Live in its downtime, hence the snippet of live football at the end of the recording.

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