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The Anorak Hour #341

This is edition number 341 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast on January 5th 2003.

The first Anorak Hour of 2003 features the annual look-back at events of the past year, and a look-forward to what may be in store for this year.
(Gillingham FC supporter) Pete is in the studio this week, along with John Fleming from

The usual archive recordings start with a selection of moments from Newstalk 106’s test transmissions and a sample from their launch from April last year.

Next, a look at how the closedown of ITV Digital was reported across various UK outlets.

The next item looks at a new technological approach to broadcasting with the launch of Andy Ruane’s Ireland Live TV service.

There was a World Cup last year, which was kind of hard to miss thanks to certain incidents, and the next item features a sample from Today FM’s coverage which was based in Japan. There’s also a look back at an Anorak Hour News moment which came at a very tense time whilst a particular match was taking place!

Long-running Dublin station Freedom 92FM are next up in the Archives section. There’s also a chat with Andy Walker live on the programme.

There’s also a look at the situation with the Kilkenny/Tipperary licence debacle via a sample of calls from listeners on Joe Duffy’s Liveline.

Dublin youth station Spin 1038 finally made it to air in April last year. Samples from their test transmissions and launch follow.

Energy 94FM January 9th 2003

This is the final hour from the second incarnation of Energy 94. The station had previously ceased broadcasting but had been sold on lock, stock and barrel.
In this recording Jason McKay winds the station down on January 9th 2003 from 6pm.

The Anorak Hour #342

This is edition number 342 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast on January 12th 2003.

This week’s show starts with some airchecks of presenters who were on the move during 2002. Featured are Greg Gaughran in June; Aidan Cooney in November; Bob Conway in December; Jack Kincaid; and finally, the legendary BP Fallon and his one-off special show for Phantom FM last May.

The original Energy 94FM closed down last February. The next archive recording features moments from their last day on air.

Phantom FM is featured next with various clips through the years from the station.

Then, the ever-popular former long wave giant Atlantic 252 is featured with airchecks of Hollywood Hayes & Charlie Wolf on air.

Back to 1987 for the next archive recording. Featured is Jason Maine on Sunday morning duty for Q102.

On 15th December last year, John Public celebrated 20 years playing reggae music over the airwaves. Sampled is his show which aired on local Dublin station Jazz FM.

Finally in the archive section, we hear from from Barry Lang & Peter Collins at 2FM in 1998, two presenters who are no longer on your radio.

Throughout the show there’s a news review of last year, as reported by Radiowaves News, and the broadcast news is brought right up to date when Pete Reed joins Ger to finish the show.

The Vibe

Hot Radio spin-off The Vibe live with test broadcasts from 7.05pm on January 13th 2003. The station appeared on 99.1MHz FM in Dublin.

The Anorak Hour #343

This is edition number 343 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast on January 19th 2003.

This week’s show starts with a couple of listener requests.
First, various memories from ESG FM – the successor to dance station Pulse 103 – are sampled.
Following that, there’s a lookback to early recordings from the station that recently finished life as Hits 106FM. First of all from 1983 when it was known as Dublin South Community Radio; then into the 90s with two samples under the call-sign DLR FM. 

2FM was 21 years of age in May 2000. Gerry Ryan remembers – sort of – his beginnings on the station in this recording. 

From August 1980, Richard Davis on Radio Dublin is featured next in an with a local band interview. 

In September 1997, the IRTC’s Chief Executive Michael O’Keeffe was interviewed by Richard Crowley on RTÉ Radio 1 about upcoming licences, pirate activity, and the problems at Radio Ireland. 

Finally in this week’s archive section, some influential Radio Nova (and related) memories are given an airing. 

Pete Reed finishes the show with a look at this week’s news.

The Anorak Hour #344

This is edition number 344 of Phantom FM’s iconic programme presented by Ger Roe and Pete Reed as broadcast on January 26th 2003.

On this week’s programme:-
A sample of Alan Freeman on BBC Radio 2;
Test broadcasts from Monaghan’s Energy 106 and an interview with the station engineer Miles Johnstone;
Pete Reed’s final Sunday night programme for Coast FM in 1996;
Steve K on FM104 from NY Eve 1999;
Then a sample of an anorak news feature broadcast on SW station Weekend Music Radio from Scotland in the 80s;
And finally Pete Reed rings in this week’s industry news.

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