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Radio Nova May 26th 1983

From May 26th 1983, this is a selection of recordings of Radio Nova , the Dublin pirate station, which were made across the day.

First, we hear from Declan Meehan and Bob Gallico on the Breakfast programme starting at 7.20am. This recording was made in the northwest of England off 819kHz.

Next, recorded in Dublin off 88.2MHz, this is the current affairs / magazine programme Dublin Today from 7.11pm.

Following Dublin Today at 7.30pm Colm Hayes (right) is on air and we catch 20 minutes of the show…

Later we join Jason Maine for 45 minutes worth of his evening show, also recorded off 88.2MHz FM…

The Breakfast show recording is courtesy of Gary Hogg / DX Archive
The other recordings are all thanks to Michael Andersson, with extra thanks to Lawrence John for his assistance

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