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South Coast Radio October 30th 1983

From Sunday, October 30th 1983, this is a selection of programming across the day from the Cork station South Coast Radio.

First, from 1.35pm, live from the Jazz Festival, there’s a link-up between the studio (John Lewis) and Dan Lowrey’s Tavern (Keith York) for some live music.

This recording was made in Cork by Gary Hogg ( who remembers:
The link-up with the Jazz Festival at Dan Lowry’s is interesting as Keith (who sounded like he had been enjoying the Guinness!) and Johnnie mention about the jamming of the link. I remember them having a lot of trouble at that time with someone jamming their signals.

From 3.30pm, more from John Lewis, recorded off 1557kHz .

Then, from 4pm, Steve Douglas takes over, also recorded off 1557kHz.

Later, from 7.20pm, George Long is on evening duty, this time recorded off 102.9MHz.

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