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ERI October 31st 1985

From the early hours of Thursday, October 31st 1985, this is a recording of Tony Ashford on the Cork station ERI.
The tapes started rolling at 3am.

Oh yes I was lucky to do some Work experience as a young 18 year old at ERI and landed as a fill in jock for a few months covering shows at night or early morning. A great station at the the time and was lucky to learn from great names like John Creeden, Liam Quigley, Hugh Brown, Steve Kelly aka Hollywood Haze on Atlantic 252 later….This particular show I covered at about a half hour notice….travelling from Turners Cross to Whites Cross studios at 12.30am in a taxi after getting a call in my cousins house where I was staying. Anyone familiar with Cork would know that’s a bit of a spin when the records are running out lol Tony Ashford was one of my many radio names for some bizzare reason…I kept changing names and still do lol

Ciarán Brannelly (AKA Tony Ashford)

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