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Energy 103 May 7th 1987

This is Alan Burns on air for Dublin pirate Energy 103 from May 8th 1987. This recording starts at 9.35am.

This is a selection of programming from the Dublin pirate Energy 103 on May 7th 1987.

We start with a short clip from the breakfast programme with Pat Courtenay. The show was obliterated by an ESB strike, which meant a late start for the 7am News, read by Lisa Moore. It wasn’t long before they were knocked off again…


Power was eventually restored to ‘the power station’ and this segment is from Alan Burns.


We catch the end of Alan Burns as he makes way for Tony Allan at 3pm.


During Tony’s show, we switch from medium wave to 103FM, in stereo…


Again, during Tony’s show, we switch back to medium wave…


This recording is by very kind courtesy of Gary Hogg, with extra thanks to Dave Small for the FM broadcast

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