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Mark Byrne

Sunshine Radio August 26th 1986

This recording of the Dublin superpirate Sunshine Radio is from August 26th 1986
This particular day saw the culmination of a long-running listener competition with a live broadcast from Tomangos.

There’s a short clip from Tony Dixon’s show as he hands over to Pat Courtenay, who warms up the listening audience before handing over to Robbie Dale/Robinson and Mark Byrne for the presentation from the nightclub.

Once the winner is announced the outside broadcast comes to an end and they hand back to Steve Kelly in the studio.


Recording is thanks to Gary Hogg at DX Archive

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Dublin’s Q102

Christmas Eve 2004 with Mark Byrne on afternoon festive duty from 2.30pm. This recording is off 102.2MHz.

Comment from Catweazle78:
Fantastic, really looking forward to listening to this and the other shows you uploaded today. Great stuff

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