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North West Community Radio



North West Community Radio closed in December 1988 looking to secure one of the new licences on offer.

From a QSL letter in December 1988

North West Community Radio broadcast from a shop in neighboring Buncrana, Co. Donegal. It was the early days of local radio and we loved it not least for its rough and ready nature.
One day, the presenter of the afternoon show got very animated about a record request for local man Mickey who’d reached the amazing age of one hundred and eleven. “What an achievement”, he enthused, and he repeated his age, “one hundred and eleven,” several times.
After playing the record requested the presenter came back on air, his voice more subdued. “Ah Mickey’s wife been on to us to clear something up – Mickey isn’t 111 – he’s ill!”

By kind courtesy of DX Archive
Image with very kind courtesy of Ian Biggar
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