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Horizon FM


Radiowaves News Archives – August 2002

Horizon FM, a hardhouse dance music station on Dublin’s southside, are testing with an output power of 220 watts on 105.3MHz. Live tests are scheduled for tomorrow evening at 8pm.

Radiowaves News Archives – October 2002

Following a visit from the ODTR tonight, along with representation from north Co Dublin community station Phoenix FM, Horizon FM have switched off their transmitter.
The dance music station have been broadcasting from south Dublin on 105.3MHz for the past few weeks and were recently reported to be causing severe interference to the community station based in Dublin 15.

Radiowaves News Archives – November 2002

Horizon FM will be back on air on 87.6MHz shortly. According to a station spokesperson, Mix FM – who have been operating Electric FM – are handing over the frequency to them.
Horizon FM had been broadcasting on 105.3MHz up to a few weeks ago, but had to cease due to interference problems.

Radiowaves News Archives – February 2003

Dublin station Horizon FM will not be returning to air. The dance music station, who were broadcasting on 87.6MHz, have called it a day, but say they may return later in the year from a mountain-site. Horizon FM started broadcasting in August last year on 105.3MHz, later shifting to 87.6FM

Radiowaves News Archives – June 2003

Horizon FM are back on air on low-powered tests on 99.4MHz. They say they will be reverting to a higher-powered test shortly.
The dance music station first appeared in August last year on 105.3MHz, later shifting to 87.6FM. They ceased broadcasting earlier this year.

Radiowaves News Archives – June 2003

Horizon FM’s test broadcasts on 99.4MHz have ceased. The station had been relaying new station City FM on low power since the start of the week but have now vacated the frequency because City plan to use 99.4FM themselves. Horizon FM say they will be back on another frequency soon.

Radiowaves News Archives – July 2003

Hardcore dance station Horizon FM say they are back on air testing on 107.9MHz in the Dublin area.

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