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Mix 105

MIX 105

Radiowaves News – October 31st 2003

A station identifying as Mix 105 has appeared with a continuous loop in stereo in the Dublin area on 105.7MHz.

Report: Paul Carrig

Radiowaves News – November 1st 2003

The new signal on 105.7MHz in the Dublin area is now airing recordings of dance music stations from the past. Already monitored has been Pulse 103FM’s closedown and, tonight, past recordings of Energy 94FM are being broadcast.
Last night the ‘station’ was playing uninterrupted music and identifying as Mix 105.

Radiowaves News – November 13th 2003

Two stations are now broadcasting on 105.7MHz in the Dublin area. One is identifying as Rhythm FM and is broadcasting from the west Dublin direction. This is in addition to a station identifying as Mix 105 which first appeared a couple of weeks ago.
This is not the first time that two stations have broadcast on this frequency: on previous occasions major interference was caused to adjacent legal stations on the band, with the authorities eventually forced to take action.

Report: Paul Carrig

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