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Xtreme FM


Xtreme FM was a hobbyist Dublin pirate which ran, on and off, from 1997 to 2000.

Station History

Xtreme FM was born in 1997, first appearing on 94.3MHz FM with low power from Dublin 6w. Output was chart/commercial dance. After a year on this frequency, they were forced to close down when ABC restarted on 94.2MHz.

Xtreme FM reappeared in February 2000, this time on 89.45MHz from newly-refurbished studios. The station only lasted 2 months this time, with the station manager deciding to close with the launch of a new RTÉ transmitter from Greystones on 89.5MHz.

Not long afterwards, Xtreme reappeared on 101.8MHz, this time attracting ODTR attention due to the proximity to NEAR FM on 101.6MHz. This forced them off-air for good.

Overall, Xtreme FM was very amateurish. It was run by Justin Dawson – a youngster of school-going age. It embraced the ‘pirate’ ethic, its stated principles being the belief in freedom of speech on the airwaves, and the right for those airwaves to be free from state control.

The stated principles were idealistic at best and, it should be noted, that true anarchism does not endorse stealing (not borrowing!) the work of others…that behaviour is rewarded in a capitalist society!

In their own words…

From an old Xtreme FM webpage:-
Xtreme 94FM, broadcasting to the Dublin 6 & 12 region, is a non-profit, non-commercial, co-operatively organised pirate radio station which is owned and run by volunteer members. So what does that mean? The station was set up under anarchic principles. As a pirate station we believe that a self-evident right to free-expression extends to the airwaves. We don’t recognise the State’s claim to be the legitimate regulator of the electromagnetic airwaves. Furthermore, many of those involved hold mainstream media in contempt for it’s biased coverage (cover-ups ) of information. Thus we have chosen to empower ourselves and our listeners through the defiance of broadcasting laws.

As a non-commercial entity we do not accept donations or seek advertising from any businesses. Corporations and businessmen already control all legal (and most of the clandestine ) radio stations on FM, where they treat music as a commodity and commercial products as music.

Our refusal to purchase a licence (unless granted one for free by the Government) frees us from the trap of seeking out capitalist sponsers who want to “stir-up” some business through advertising. As soon as one buys into that trap they fall prone to confining themselves in terms of audience demographics. Not choosing to go down that road, we have the freedom to experiment and test the bounds of the medium.

As a pirate radio station we are willing to provide open access to artists, musicians and bands who have been ignored by the established media. We believe in a station which doesn’t talk as much as legal stations do with our motto “More music and less talk” – what the listeners want to hear!

Xtreme 94FM broadcasts on 94FM from a shack which is in an unknown place to the listener and to the law. We have a 2 mile radius which makes us heard around the Dublin 6 & 12 area. We take requests by e-mail and by phone and we play the song so long as we have it!

The station broadcasts each night from 6pm. We have also borrowed (not stolen) live audio from a legal station that will keep you up to date on the news in Dublin, Ireland.

Frequency Logs

  • 94.3MHz – 1997 (Radiowaves)
  • 89.45MHz – February 2000 (Radiowaves)
  • 101.8MHz – April 2000 (Radiowaves)
  • 101.8MHz – May 2000 (Radiowaves) 2019

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