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Co Louth’s Radio Carousel appeared from Dundalk on 265 metres on May 20th 1978. FM was introduced in the latter half of 1979.

Started by former showband manager Hugh Hardy, the name came about during a phone call to Kieran Murray (pictured) who spotted a record called ‘Carousel’ in Big D’s library whilst on the phone.

Radio Carousel was located in the Dundalk Shopping Centre and Murray’s was the first voice on air. The station was a runaway success.

It was raided twice in July 1978 but was quickly restored to air. It lasted for close to a decade and was responsible for a number of sister stations in the other areas – the first station to do so.

Each of the network stations broadcast a minimum of 4 hours of local broadcasting with local content, local news and, local presenters . All of the stations joined for the 9am, 1pm and 6pm news bulletins. At one point the Radio Carousel network effectively covered 29% of the country.

From a Radio Carousel Anniversary Booklet in 1981

Radio Carousel provides a very wide range of programming including educational, religious, informational, childrens’ and other minority programmes which give truly balanced listening for everyone.
The programming is spontaneous and flexible, so that urgent information can be transmitted without delay, and of course they are uniquely local so that they can broadcast information which is totally relevant to their own area. 
Radio Carousel has acquired the reputation as “the place to turn” – individuals, local authorities, police and emergency services know that Radio Carousel can respond at a personal level to the problems of individual listeners, and at community level to local cries. Help or information is just a ‘phone call away.
Radio Carousel’s local identity is an important element in attracting such a substantial and diverse audience.
As they described themselves in an advertising sales booklet

These were the Carousel network stations:-

Radio Carousel Drogheda

Radio Carousel Monaghan

Radio Carousel Navan

Radio Carousel Northern Ireland

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