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OpenTempo FM

OpenTempo FM is a long-running Waterford pirate station which broadcasts on 105.1MHz at the weekends and evenings. It covers an eclectic mix of genres covering just about every type of music that the usual radio stations don’t.

The station idea was conceived in 2009 and eventually made it to air in November 2011. One of the founders, Kurt Jackson, had been involved in another Waterford pirate, MetalHertz FM.

“We were sick of hearing all the radio stations, both local and national, playing the exact same songs as each other, dreary fist-pumping auto-tone carbon copies of X Factor successors that’s been generated by pressing a button on a computer. Fact is, that music isn’t for everyone, personally, we have nothing against whatever you may call pop or chart music, it’s just something that doesn’t appeal to us. What’s wrong with spicing things up and changing genre from time to time? Giving local talent a chance to get involved and make something of themselves?”

Open Tempo FM in Munster Express
Munster Express – July 15th 2014
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